Premiere: Atavisma prove Death + Doom = Dread


Problem solved.

Atavisma are one of those bands that have existed for almost the exact same length of time as our site, and if you’ve followed our coverage of them over the years you’ll probably know how their sound progressed up until the point where they’ve become one of the most promising bands in the subterranean catacombs of death-doom. Although, I think the case could be made that Atavisma play doom-infused death rather than death-doom. Or perhaps doomed death is a better descriptor? I’ll let the sub-genre sticklers handle that one. What matters here is that they fucken kill it.

So much so that it was pretty much a coin flip to decide between the two death-doom bands starting with the letter A from West of the French Alps who released an amazing album in 2018 to determine who took the 10th and final slot on my list last year. Thankfully none of that list shit means much though. What we’re here to tell you today is that there’s more French fire on the way in February courtesy of our mates over at Everlasting Spew Records. ‘Dread’ marks the first material released since 2018’s The Chthonic Rituals and follows down that same cavernous causeway of molten mid-tempo malevolence and molasses-mired murk as black as they come. Add in the fact that Atavisma’s return is coinciding with that of another band we’ve gone on record as being behind, in Void Rot, and it looks like February is gonna kick off with a bang. Or maybe a thud in this case?

Pre-Order the Atavisma|Void Rot split ready for February 7th @ Everlasting Spew Records
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