Here at the Toilet Ov Hell, we pride ourselves on educating our readers on the most pertinent subjects utilizing the cutting edge of technology. So take this quiz to make sure you can tell the difference between a prog dad who looks like a European dictator and actual European dictators.

Picture this. You’re walking down the street alone at night after a grueling day of work. You decide to take a slight detour down an alley to avoid a crowd that has gathered further down your normal path. You’ve followed this path before. It is short and usually safe, considering the amount of businesses and police presence in the area. Steam wisps in neat circles as your legs slice through the clouds wafting from pipes and drainage grates lining the alley. As you maneuver through dumpsters, garbage bags, and collapsed cardboard boxes preparing to take the left turn that will lead you back towards your destination, you are suddenly cut off. Before you is an balding, aged man, with off kilter eyes and a goatee. He opens his mouth as to speak, and horror paralyzes your legs. You try to prepare yourself mentally, but you are unable to discern what this man is. Is he an aging prog rocker, or a European dictator? You must decide quickly! Choosing incorrectly will not allow you the time to prepare mentally for his endless torrent on either abusing augmented 11ths in foreign time signatures or why he thinks the Balkan region should be ethnically cleansed.

Examples sent by an anonymous comrade.

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