Flush-It Friday: It’s Fine


What the fuck, you guys.

The past two weeks have been nothing short of a clusterfuck both in my personal life and the real world. I’ve been working weird shifts and doing way more travel for my job than usual (thankfully none of which has required me to be around other people), all the while absorbing news of insurrections, impeachments, and some extraordinarily wack announcements from the incoming administration. Also noting that it’s been an uncomfortably warm Midwestern winter.

Happy new year, I guess. At least this here bowl is full of some fine people, and I’ve got you to thank for keeping me sane through all this.

Anyway, here’s some cool shit from the past week:

365 thoroughly dismantled a flaccid call for metalhead unity in the face of domestic terrorism:

Metal Alone Cannot Unite Us

A Spooky Mansion gave us a most spooky review of the new Battle Hag:

Review: Battle Hag – Celestial Tyrant

Toilet Radio served as something of a follow-up to 365’s post, but much more lighthearted:

Toilet Radio 285 – *Unintelligible Patriot Noises*

Abiotic are now tear drinkers/hell raisers:

Premiere: Abiotic – “Grief Eater, Tear Drinker”

Ben Serna-Grey brought the gross sludgy noise with a Flood Peak premiere:

Premiere: Flood Peak – Feral Wraiths

Flush away, my friends.

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