TMP: Hashshashin, Monolord, Kayo Dot, and More!


I’ll admit, the last few batches of news have been lacking in quality content. Today does not have that problem.

New great instru stuff from Hashshashin!


New Monolord album coming, get in on the first track now.

New Kayo Dot is here. Good but I need more.

  • Crobot are back with a new tune.
  • Hell yeah, gimme that new White Ward.
  • If you want some soft djent in 2019, Monuments, Skyharbor, North American tour.
  • More Cerebral Rot before the August 16 release.
  • Deafheaven members helped something called Heaven’s Club.
  • Sweet hardcore from Knaaves.
  • The Great Old Ones are back with moe Cthulhu shit.
  • KEN Mode anniversary shows.
  • Metal Blade Batushka announced a tour.
  • Call of The Void are done.
  • High on Fire’s drummer is leaving.
  • If you forgot what year it is, here’s Lacuna Coil.
  • Crazy shit from Car Bomb.
  • More doom from Crypt Sermon.
  • Keep an eye out for new Cult of Luna on Wednesday.

And a bunch more!

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