Get Back To The Grind And Help Cut To Fit Fund Theirs


620 Bootlegalize it Ayyyyy lmao

If you want me, I’ll be in the corner. Alone. Waiting to die. ‘Cause I just said that.

The long-time Finnish grind duo/trio Cut To Fit are going to record another full-length album and you have a chance to help them do it. How? By crowdfunding? No. By buying yourself a shitload of this thing that they call music.

You see their latest EP, 620, released in the extremely limited edition of 10 CD-r’s (but also digitally) is half-an-hour of noisy, sludgey grindy sheit full of abhorrent screams, and has been released for no other purpose than to help fund their next full-length. Although it does serve to introduce their revamped lineup with Jere on drums, Eetu on strings and Terhi on vocals (a temporary arrangement made permanent, it seems) as well.

Although I’m guessing if you don’t fancy 620, no one would oblige should you feel like extending your arms/alms and grab some other, more strictly/conventionally grind release. Some of your best choices, if you were to ask me, would be this, thick and noise-rocking split with Farsas released late last year, and, as far as I know, is the band’s only release as a condensed brothers-Kilpinen duo.

Or perhaps you would fancy one of their more recent full-lengths? You wouldn’t go awry with either Black Mouth or The Doors of Deception, not to mention the earlier Havoc Supreme all of which are in sound closer to a conventional grindcore record than the aforementioned two. Of course, if it’s exactly the less grinding portions of 620 that are most your liking, the PExxx/ambient/noise-experiment Raccoon Dogs or the droning Zen Filth.

Or maybe you’re not too bright and choose to go with a personal suggestion from yours truly, an eternal favourite – Hiljaisuus. Anyways, buy stuff, give money, the cycle of grind.

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