Alcoholika La Christo – Cenizas: A Video Breakdown


Dios mio.

While South America is certainly on stranger to producing heavy metal bands, it feels like Bolivia gets left behind in those discussions. Countries like Brazil, Chile, and Argentina seem to get all the love. Hailing from La Paz, Bolivia, Alocholika La Christo have been around since the 90’s. Maybe their new music video will help elevate Bolivian metal on the world stage. Perhaps their love of using green screens in their music video, just like Myrath, will buck conventional wisdom, and produce something magical. There’s only one way to find out. Let’s break it down.



This is like the menu screens to a Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV series DVDs.


Bolivia is a land of blackbirds and point-and-click adventures.


I have to give them credit. The drums do sound like they’re submerged in a digital swamp.


When you really try to get you money’s worth out of your 30-day free trial of Final Cut Pro.


Same, girl. Same.


We’ve been wasting our time saying “Cum 2 Brazil”. “Cum 2 Bolivia” is where it’s at.


This scene brought to you by the Rob Liefeld School Of Hiding Feet.


This has almost as many camera cuts as an episode of Smackdown.


Your computer isn’t slowing down, nor is the gif stuttering.


I’m convinced the birds are actually Alcoholika La Christo and they just hired the guys to be in the video.


Alcoholika La Christo’s album Delithium was released 2017, so yeah, you can pick it up now.

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