Track Premiere: Cryptworm – Necrophagous (Postmortal Devourment)


Recently committed a thousandfold.

I don’t see what’s so scary about Halloween when it’s Thanksgiving where the USA follow their most grizzly annual tradition of mass necrophagy. Every year, thousands upon thousands of dead birds are mercilessly devoured. What, you think the term only refers to eating dead human flesh? Wouldn’t it be called something like necroanthrophagy then? Check and mate.

In case you didn’t get your fill of your preferred type of meat over the holidays, be sure to sink your teeth into Cryptworm, who are about to serve us their second helping of brutal death metal. Hot on the heels of their debut album released just last year, Oozing Radioactive Vomition will offer another 6 horror d’oeuvres from experienced chefs who have not only done this for a while but have also meddled in other kitchens, including Cryptic Shift, Tyrant Goatgaldrakona, and Gravecrusher.

I’m particularly happy that today’s sampling does a great job at highlighting the band’s penchant for not only fun riffs, but excellently filthy groove. Both work together fulminantly in the verses , where they’re paired with burpy vocals reminiscent of Demilich or, to make a less grand but more accurate comparison, Defloration‘s The Bone Collection—an album I hadn’t thought of in at least 10 years, but a palate’s memory is astounding sometimes.

If you’re not a connoisseur of mid-tempo, fret not, as the pace picks up notably later on, although that remains the exception. Don’t expect any sort of nouvelle cuisine, by the way; no slam here nor on the rest of the record. This is homegrown, deep-fried, old school stuff from the cookbooks of Dying Fetus, Infernal Torment, and other tongue mutilators of the ’90s.

Oozing Radioactive Vomition will be out on December 8th via Me Saco Un Ojo. Pre-order here!

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