MSD and Friends’ Riff of the Week


“As every man hath received the riff, even so minister the same one to another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of the Riff.” 

Such is the pious calling of MSD and Friends’ Riff of the Week — sharing with each other the riffs which we have so abundantly received. As Snoop Dogg the Enlightened once spake: “It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.”


Masterlord SteelDragon:

This classic riff is the heavy metal embodiment of “simple yet effective,” and to this day I’ve been unable to hear it without belting out TOOOOORCH-LIIIIIIIIIIIT HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLS  along with Robert Lowe, much to Lady SteelDragon’s chagrin.


Lady SteelDragon:

2 minutes and 20 seconds into “Full Moon,” Mount Salem hits you with a enjoyably straightforward snare fill followed by this retro groove. Please like it. K.”


Joe Thrashnkill:

“Starting at 00:09 and continuing throughout most of the song, Magrudergrind’s RJ Ober unleashes one of the most primal, caveman riffs I’ve ever had the pleasure of moshing like a dick to.”



“The descriptor evil is bandied pretty frequently here to portray particularly menacing tone, but if you held me at gun point and asked me to identify the most evil riff in existence, I would tell you to fast-forward 5 minutes and 9 seconds into Pig Destroyer’s “Natasha.” This song is extremely off-putting, and the spoken-word ravings of the lunatic protagonist over this diabolical chord are stomach-turning. Pig Destroyer are a good grind band, but they’re excellent when churning out maniacally filthy doom.”


Christian Molenaar:

“Consider this my multiple riffs of the week because there are way too many good ones in this song to pass up, and it was actually my seventh (!!!) choice after I couldn’t find the first six on Youtube. Between that clean phrygian opening to the stacked major seconds in the next riff and the effortlessly sudden tempo changes throughout, this song really is the perfect death metal arrangement without any gimmicks.”


Rho Stone:

“This weekend everyone has an assignment: put this on in your car in break 50 traffic laws.”


Jack Bauer:

“Can you make something up for me plz, I’m on the road right now.” 0:30.



“The riff starts at 2:14. It sounds like Satan is slowly dragging you naked by the balls across a desert with shards of broken glass strewn everywhere. The bells in the background are the herald of the ritual of audio pain and despair taking place. The riff then slows down and with Dahan’s bellow of ‘PRAISE…FOR ALL TO SEE.’, you reach your unholy destination, knowing that the suffering you endured was just the beginning.”



“The whole intro is great, but wait till you hit 0:42. When a band that is going a million miles an hour all the time takes a step back and  lets you appreciate their layering, it’s a beautiful thing.  Then then song kicks in to full gear and you’re back to wondering how they write shit like this.”


Cock of Steele:

“I dare you to try and not classic headbang to this riff.”



“I’m going to go old school. I can’t keep up with you young whipper snappers. Riffage at 1:15.”


Call the Slambulance

 These guys cover such a gnarly spectrum of extreme metal, while never escaping the blackness. The main riff for this song is structurally perfect and harmonically beautiful, especially coming from a group that dabbles so far into crust. It’s artsy fartsy, but maintains the evil black metal vibe. Would write a poem to/10



“This riff seethes punk angst and is super catchy; few riffs can hold a candle to the one in ‘Candle Holders‘.” [NICE. –MSD]


Amen and amen. If you want your Riff of the Week featured next time, make yourself known.

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