TMP: Gorod, Glacial Tomb, Minsk, and More!


The weather is changing, everyone around me is getting sick, and I’m just trying to avoid all germs. Stay indoors and check out this new bunch of metal.

Aw yeah, new tech from Gorod.

New track? from Glacial Tomb.

New “I don’t wanna type the accent marks band” Skalmold has a new track.

New track from Black Tongue.

  • New stuff from Byzantine sounds more like it was made in this century.
  • Another Mirrors for Psychic Warfare track.
  • New song and video from Genocide Pact.
  • Benighted has a new song featuring the Der Weg Einer Freiheit frontman.
  • New track from Languish.
  • Here’s that new Beyond Creation tech.
  • New Yashira from an “end of the alphabet only” split with Zao.
  • Cattle Decapitation has a new rarities track out.
  • Memphis May Fire announced a new album and dropped a track.
  • Minsk dropped some good post-metal from an upcoming split.
  • Funeral Chic have new a blackened punk track.
  • Two new tracks from Cripple Bastards.
  • Crappy new Suicide Silence song pulled from Devil May Cry trailer after the makers decided to use Google and realized Eddie Hermida is a creep.

My computer is a huge piece of shit, so I don’t have the patience to comment on the following new shit:

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