Brutal Premiere: Hate Inclination – “Sicker and Sicker”


The one-man wrecking crew returns.

Way back in 2017 I premiered some strange, crushing death metal by way of one Caleb Liles, otherwise known as Hate Inclination. His debut, Disease Swept the Cosmos, was an exercise in stretching the boundaries of brutal death metal to it’s morbid extremes. That record received near unanimous praise from this Toilet’s denizens so you should all be appropriately hyped that his sophomore album is nigh.

While Disease Swept the Cosmos explored the territory of The Great Old Ones, Grand Wormwood brings it’s gaze back to this rotten earth. Instead of Lovecraftian lore, you’ve got a close view of heady human afflictions like addiction, guilt, and paranoia.

Today we’re premiering¬†“Sicker and Sicker” the opening track to Grand Wormwood. Strap yourself in and take a handful of dramamine because the lurching, seasick riffage at play here might make you greet your guts. But while the atypical guitar lives in the realm of the weird, Caleb’s inhuman belches and his delightfully pingy snares bridge the gap between the nerd shit Dubya loves and the mosh short-ed content I crave. Shoulda named this one “Siqqer and Siqqer” IMHO. Give it a listen now.

Grand Wormwood drops April 19th. Mosey on over to Bandcamp where you can check out two additional Grand Wormwood cuts and pre-order the album.

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