Track Premiere: Join The Black Sorcery for an Incursion



As Ron Perlman always says, “War metal…war metal never changes.” Well, the Ron Perlman from whatever dimension has him playing in Conqueror while also somehow still being the narrator of the Fallout series (It’s out there, folks). Perhaps that sentiment isn’t exactly true. If anything, war metal, especially the blackened death variety, just continues to become more and more brutal. The latest band birthed into this arms race of extremity: The Black Sorcery.

Hailing from, where else, Canada, The Black Sorcery may be a new name, but they aren’t new to the scene by any stretch. Members of bands such as The Projectionist, Path to Extinction, Albanach ar Dheis, Diabolus Amator, and Thy Sepulchral Moon all join forces for the unit’s debut album, …And the Beast Spake Death From Above, an absolute musical maelstrom, a cacophony of chaos, and other such alliterations that illustrate just how unrelenting an album it is. The standout aspect for me are the totally bowel rattling vocals provided by Lörd Matzigkeitus. They’re largely manifested as super low gutturals, but Lörd Matzigkeitus isn’t afraid to mix it up and throw in some pained howls and shrieks. It’s a vocal style and mix that works perfectly with the blackened death madness surrounding it.

Are you intrigued yet? Are you curious to hear these sounds of war for yourself? Well dear reader you’re in luck! Today we’re streaming the seventh track from And the Beast Spake Death From Above, a thunderous ass whipper of a track titled “Incursion.” Says frontman Lörd Matzigkeitus (can you tell I love that name?):

“Incursion” is the cold vacuum of distance and separation locked inside the mind of a Zarathustrian misanthrope, that all human contact be taken as an incursion or affront to the sanctity of one’s inner silence. This spell features an incendiary axe solo gutted from the hell of Ghast’s manic fingers”

Alright y’all, enough talk. Lets rock.


The Black Sorcery’s …And the Beast Spake Death From Above drops May 29th via Krucyator Productions. You can give the band a like on Facebook here and get the album here.

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