Tech-Death Thursday: Separatist


Goodbye face, I hardly knew ye!

We’re starting off the new year of TDT posts with a bang! Before we get into today’s band, here’s some news for you:

George Kolias (Nile) is currently working on his solo album. You can check out an unmixed teaser for that here.

Vale of Pnath have released a few teaser clips on Facebook, this one is my favorite. Can’t wait to get pnasty!

Upheaval have released a few songs from their upcoming album Cathegrism. I really enjoyed their previous EP Incubate the Wasteland.  You can check the new songs out here and here. Side note, these guys seem to perfectly straddle the line between deathcore and tech death and it fucks with my head.

Bah, I don’t know how I missed this one until this week, but Cognizance have a new EP out. It is sexyyyyyyy and you should listen to it because I added extra “y”s to the end. Check it out here.

Micawber have released a lyric video for their new song “Hellbender.” You can check that out here. Their new album The Gods of Outer Hell drops January 17th.

Today, we’re talking about a filthy, brutal, heavy as fuck band called Separatist. Before I give you a track, know this: Separatist is one guy. One guy created this absolute monstrosity of an album. Check out “Closure”:

This song is off the album Closure, which dropped last year and is incredible. It’s got bits of black metal, tinges of deathcore, and out of this world technicality. Hell, it’s even got some melody thrown in there for good measure. I say thrown in, but I feel like that’s doing it an injustice. Every note feels like it belongs. Occasionally, haunting clean vocals show up unexpectedly but fit in perfectly. The drums are absolutely fantastic as well, something that is evident within the first few seconds. As a vocalist, Sam Dishington is extremely talented. He goes anywhere from high pitched black metal style wails to extremely low growls and occasional clean vocals, and he does it all in spectacular fashion. One of the the things I think really elevates this band as a whole is the production: it’s a really gritty/muddy style that you would perhaps expect to find in grindcore, but not necessarily in tech-death. However, it ends up working really well and adding something extra to this the band’s sound.

Now I know it’s the new year and all of your wallets are writhing in agony after the financial onslaught of the holidays, but I have some good news for you! All of Separatist’s music is name your price on their Bandcamp. So, if you can’t afford to pay full price, you don’t have to. However, if you have the money to spend you should fork over a few bucks, because there is no doubt in my mind Separatist is worthy of your hard earned cash. You can grab the albums from Bandcamp here, and don’t forget to follow them on Facebook! Here, have another song:

Assuming the new format works like I hope it will, next week will be written by one of you guys. Only time will tell. If I don’t get any takers by Tuesday of next week, I’ll just pull another band from my overflowing catalog of tech. To those of you that have sent me emails with bands to check out, it may take me a bit to feature them, because I like to listen to them multiple times first. This of course requires time, something which I do not have an abundance of currently. Regardless, thank you and keep them coming. You guys are awesome.

Until next time,

Stay Tech

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