TMP: Carcass, Intronaut, Ihsahn, and More!


My last week of work before I’m out the rest of the year, someone please send me an egg for these trying times. Lots of good news this week.

New Carcass if you missed it somehow.

Glad to hear the drumming on new Intronaut is still insane.

Blackened death from Necrowretch.


  • Ex-Fallujah, Zenith Passage, Decrepit Birth members are in Muldrotha.
  • Deafheaven, Inter Arma tour.
  • New Tovarish vid.
  • Neat sounding stuff from Godthrymm.
  • Swallow the Sun, Infected Rain tour.
  • Black Label Society, Obituary, Lord Dying tour.
  • Another solid Svart Crown.
  • Wild shit from Today is The Day.

Some really good shit in here this time that I didn’t have time to check out:

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