TMP: Cirith Ungol, Sepulchral Curse, Blood Command, and More!


Three down, 47ish more to go. Here are some jams to listen to instead of a fourth political podcast this week.

Really nice sounding post/death stuff from Irist.

The old dudes from Cirith Ungol have been resurrected.

20 Buck Death Metal from Ruin Lust.

Decent Mastodon-y sludge stuff from Hyborian.

Sepulchral Curse.

  • New Blood Command is poppier than usual but still rules.
  • Get real moody with Fool’s Ghost.
  • Some new Law & Order metal from Body Count.
  • New posty stuff from Loviatar.
  • Paladin tour.
  • Huge Allegaeon, Fallijah, Entheos tour.
  • More Nile dates.
  • Dying Fetus mini-tour.
  • Gotthard is actually keeping me very limp.
  • Aodon sounds like it’s worth checking out.
  • Tech from Aronious.
  • Snare metal from Devangelic.
  • Sabbath Assembly calling it quits.
  • Dawn Ray’d gave a talk at the University of Victoria.
  • Kemmis European tour.
  • Ringworm tour.
  • The Sword tour.


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