Shocking! Did Dave Grohl Influence Phil Anselmo’s Dimebash Stunt?


At the already infamous Dimebash 2016, Phil Anselmo and Dave Grohl both shared a stage. Do they share vicious ideals as well? We investigate.

Phil Anselmo caused quite a stir at this year’s Dimebash charity concert when he gave the Nazi salute live and onstage. Any ambiguity concerning the meaning of the extended arm and straightened hand of the legendary Pantera frontman was resolved after he yelled “white power” at an astonishing 130 decibels. Pleasantly surprising was the faint booing that, if you close your eyes and really listen, can be heard amidst the roar of applause by people who actually left their homes to see Pantera.

The purpose of this charity concert to raise funds for the Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund, founded in honor of Ronnie James Dio, who, ironically, can be found on this internet list titled “celebrities commonly mistaken for Jewish who are not”.

It seems that the social media storm that followed prompted Anselmo to respond via Youtube comment under Housecore Records account.


After abandoning our original efforts to secure an apology from him, we reached out to Anselmo for an elaboration of the incident. We were denied an audience, but the very next morning received a voicemail from what seems to be a clearly distressed Anselmo. The transcript has been included below.

Dave. It was always Dave. [incomprehensible mumbling] Ever since [crying] dressed as a doctor [mumbling] hitting women in the “Long Road to Ruin” music video. It was Dave. [incomprehensible] Dave’s idea. Just wanted him to like me. And [incomprehensible] wanted it to go that far. Dave. It was Dave. I didn’t mean it. God, I didn’t mean any of it. [END]

It is likely that the Dave referred to is none other than beloved modern rock god Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters fame, as it has been confirmed that he was the only person named Dave present at the charity concert.

Recent eyewitness accounts seem to corroborate this new information. One Dimebash attendee reports that the white wine mentioned in Anselmo’s Youtube comment was brought by Grohl, and that he may have played a major role in instigating the incident:

I saw Dave bringing in the cases of wine. He had to make a few trips from outside, and every time he came through the door he would yell “white wine, white wine, white wine is better than jew wine”.  Eventually he started singing it. I heard him sing “white wine, white wine, it’s better than jew wine, white wine, white wine, don’t give me none of that jew wine” to the melody of hit Foo Fighter’s single “Hero”. It was pretty strange. And pretty sad, because, like, that’s Dave Grohl — America’s sweetheart, you know?

Other reports claim that Anselmo loudly echoed Grohl’s opinion of the wine as he watched him bring the cases in, standing up and repeatedly shouting “jew wine <<<<<<<<<<“.

Right so, he was yelling it the whole time Dave Grohl was bringing in the wine. Each time Phil Anselmo yelled it, he looked to look at Grohl with these wide eyes. It’s weird, it looked like he was trying to get Dave’s approval.

Sirius XM’s Jose Mangin, Affliction clothing model and Dimebash host, commented on Grohl’s behavior:

Look, we all love Dave, but we also know how impressionable Phil gets around him. It’s like a little kid trying to win admiration from his fucking dad. Dave knows that. He knows it. He knew exactly what Phil would do after he sang his little song about jew wine, and he sang it anyway. “White wine, white wine, it’s better than jew wine, white wine, white wine, don’t give me none of that jew wine”. What was it, to “Hero”? Of course Phil was going to throw the Nazi salute after that. It’s almost like you can’t blame him for it. Dave, on the other hand? I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if he put Phil up to it.

Now brought to light, the ideologies endorsed by Dave Grohl, advice-giver and chicken finger connoisseur, call much of his past into question. At the forefront, the controversial suicide of his Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain. According to former Nirvana live rhythm guitarist and current member of Foo Fighters Pat Smear, Grohl left Nirvana for three whole days after finding out about Cobain’s Jewish heritage from a mutual friend:

Dave said that he wasn’t mad that Kurt was Jewish, he was mad that he never told him that he was Jewish. He got over it and re-joined the band pretty quickly, and that was that. Though there was a brief period of tension in February of 1994 after Kurt offered Dave some jew wine. Is Dave in trouble?

 We’re not quite sure what to make of the news. Has another hero’s legacy been forever tarnished? We will bring you the latest on this story as it develops.

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