Track Premiere: Wounds – “Birth of a New Light”


Astronomers the world over were puzzled by the sudden appearance of a fourth star in Orion’s Belt. As their instruments turned to the unnerving purple light, they began receiving a garbled message: a mixture of a thousand languages, some of which had never been (and never could be) spoken by human tongues. One set of pictographs was particularly concerning, showing unknown devices carving Wounds in the flesh of humanoid figures. The following is an exclusive excerpt from these bizarre communications.

“Birth of a New Light” emerges from a stellar nursery similar to those that bred Spawn of Possession and modern Deeds of Flesh—this is tech death played with precision and dexterity that seems impossible without an extra limb or five. The song mutates from dissonant, open chords to palm-muted runs faster than a quasar spins, and the band still manages to make it all sound fun. From the harmonized, ascending intro riff to the lockstep chugs of the finale, there’s a deliberate choppiness that could derail a less talented group; instead, Wounds uses the hive-mind they’ve honed to write writhing, claustrophobic music without ever stepping on each other’s pseudopods. I’m not sure where they came from, or exactly what they’ll do when they arrive, but judging from the broadcast, probes will likely be involved.

Ruin will be released March 15, 2024 through Everlasting Spew Records. You can follow Wounds on Zuccbook if you’re so inclined!

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