Toilet Radio 379 – Ice Cream Sandwiches with Shao Kahn


This week on Toilet Radio we bullshit about a bunch of things and also drop big ass news months before every other outlet wakes up. This week’s shit: 
We’re going through our dad’s iTunes libraries and jamming out / Eskimo Callboy decided a good fuckin’ 15 years after the fact to finally change their stupid name / Synthesizer guys are worse than guitar guys / The only good thing about the fourth of July: competitive hot doggin’ / ***We scoop every media outlet on earth with gossip about the hottest metal reunion of 2023*** / Toilet ov Hell is now an official metal PR front / The time the guy from Adema ate 18 ice cream sandwiches and wrote his band’s biggest hit on the spot. / Finally, we close it out with a chat about Jamey Jasta bringing back Milwaukee Metal Fest.

Music featured on this ‘sode:

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