Dave Grohl Performed at Dimebash and WON THE INTERNET


This past weekend, Dave “TOTAL LEGEND” Grohl, the man behind luminary rock acts Probot, Them Crooked Vultures, and playing drums with a muppet, took the stage with some nameless chumps at Ride for Dime Dimebash 2016. Did he win the entire frickin’ internet? You bet your sweet ass he did! Click here to see his epic pwnage!

Last Friday, tons of famous metal musicians met on a stage at the Lucky Strike in Hollywood, California for this year’s Dimebash, an annual event that honors the late Dime “Dimebag” Darrell and benefits the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund. Good cause? You bet! Cool musicians? If you only knew!

Man oh man, if I had any clue that legendary rockgod DAVE frickin’ GROHL was gonna be at Dimebash this year, you KNOW I would have been there to see that epicness! The man that epicly played drums for NIRVANA (basically The Beatles of rock n’ roll), showed off his range by playing guitar on several well-known songs with other, lesser musicians. If this doesn’t cement his legend as a TOTAL LEGEND and win him the internet, I don’t know what does!

Here he is honoring the legend of sadly departed rock legend Lemmy of Motorhead, by playing his most famous song with a guy that used to be in Slayer, the crabwalker from Metallica, and the gravel-voiced reptillian monster that has bodysnatched Phil Anselmo of Pantera. EPIC WIN!

“Walk” by Pantera is such a crushing song. It’s carried by a super simple progression that really highlighted how clever of a guitarist Dimebag Darrell could be. Know what would make that old junk even better? By adding three additional guitarists! Check out Dave “Hella Guitarist” Grohl completely owning the song with some goons from other bands. I think they’re called “Machine Head”, “Exodus”, and “two-thirds of the surviving members of Pantera”.

Kids these days don’t even know about classic rock. They’re all “Buh buh buh, I’m a baby and I love Justin GAYber”, am I right? Instead of listening to baby music which is for babies, they should all just listen to Pink FRICKIN’ Floyd, which is what I listen to because I am a sophisticated music listener. By far the most epic moment from this incredibly epic evening of Dave Grohl, watch below as Dave wins the internet for the epic damn win!

Amazing! I think we can all agree that Dave Grohl has not only won at the internet, but he has won at life too. \m/STAYMETAL\m/

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