Track Premiere: Altars – “Perverse Entity”


There is little time between the speaking of the final word and the tearing of the landscape. The cultists can only perceive Its arrival as a flash of light, but it’s the sound that follows them into dissolution—clattering, chitinous limbs. It pays no heed to the laws of their world, passing through protective glyphs like they were air. Through great hubris, an unintended gash has been left through human history, separating all that came before and the Age of the “Perverse Entity.”

Straight out of the (dimensional) gate, Altars plays death metal with an alien quality. Spines of dissonance jut from the song’s exoskeleton, and underneath, double bass swarms like the skittering of myriad legs. As with most parasitoids, it’s got a short incubation period (just under 4 minutes), spawning riffs that burrow quickly into grey matter despite their strident nature. By the time the start-stop death throes of their hosts begin, the hive-mind has total control. What once was an individual is now merely a collection of piloted cells. (We call this the Altars fan base.)

Ascetic Reflection releases on July 8th through Everlasting Spew Records. Check out the band on the Book of Faces as well.

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