Explore the rocky void with Necandi Homines


Warning: Butt

For those not in the know, Necandi Homines formed in Italy a little more than a decade ago. Despite the long tenure, the band only dropped their first LP Da’at just last year. They’ve been hard at work ever since because they just dropped their first EP, Black Hole, a few weeks back. Black Hole coils, constricts, and recoils through three songs – each aiming to take the listener through a negative exploration of the self. Necandi Homines want you to take a good, hard look at your place in a hostile world and come away feeling a little bit emptier. It works.

Opening track “.” gets the video treatment with a beautifully shot black and white film of a spindly figure enshrouding his head and warily wandering the confines of a cavern. It follows a man surrounded by forces much bigger, much more ancient than he can truly understand. Blind from the shroud and venturing ever darker into the void, the man soldiers on to certain doom. Go ahead. Gaze into the void.

Black Hole is available right now. Pick it up digitally through Third I Rex or physically from Toten Schwan.

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