Skinless – Skull Session: A Video Breakdown


Love the skin you’re in.

Upstate New York’s Skinless feels like the little death metal band that could. Since the mid 90’s, they’ve received heaps of praise from the death metal community. There was just something about them that seemed to elicit an almost-universal thumbs up sign. Maybe it was due to starting around the same time that nu-metal was coming in to fashion. Maybe it was the fact that they came from an area not known for death metal. Maybe it was their quirky sense of humor. Being on Relapse Records certainly helped and brought the band’s brand of brutality to a wider audience.

Sadly, like many other “extreme” bands, various line-up changes and finite resources forced the band break up officially in 2011. Like all good dead things, they rose from the grave in 2015 with the release of Only The Ruthless Remain. Things must have gone well with that album because they’re back once again with Savagery. So how does Skinless celebrate their new album? With a music video that’s, well, see for yourself.

Somewhere, Chris Barnes weeps.

Beer and metal: the peanut butter and jelly of the angry loners.

Bob Ross would destroy them and make it look like “happy accidents”.

I didn’t know Takashi Miike directed this video.

That’s what happens when you get a pure bred dog filled with C4 instead of adopting a rescue.


No, seriously. I want a monster to kill someone for putting this in a video. It could kill me. That’s fine.

This is why you don’t drink kombucha in public.

And if there’s time, go to the store and get that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream I like.

This is the last time I stay at a La Quinta Inn.

If we’re being honest, they should really be playing Grateful Dead songs.

Municipal Waste, Tankard, Korpiklaani and every other “beer” metal band have just been put on notice.

Skinless’s new album Savagery is out now via Relapse Records.

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