Chris Violence – In Speed We Trust: A Video Breakdown


I feel the need. The need for trust.

Here’s a helpful tip for all bands out there: Don’t make music videos. We now live in an age where people can easily (and legally) listen to your new song or album with a click of a button. There’s no need to put in the time, effort, and money on something just ends up on Youtube where dorks and racists yell at each other in the comments section.

Here’s another helpful tip for all bands out there: If you ignored step one or you label is forcing you to have a video, do not use a green screen or computer effects. They never look good and the age even worse. Personally, I’d rather be in a band that has a generic “performance” video than something that becomes unintentional comedic fodder and ends up on Metal Without Context.

Here’s a final tip for all bands out there: If you ignored the first two tips, for the love of God, don’t ignore this one. Do not send your video to metal websites for review. The only reviews you’re going to get are ones, like this, that goof on you. Chris Violence ignored all three tips.


This is a feast for the eyes. Y’know, one of those feasts where people stuff themselves, throw up, and then eat some more. Yeah, that kind of feast.


Elon Musk has the stiffest Tootsie Roll Mini right now.


There’s so much to talk about, but all I can focus on is the guitarist’s headstock being completely clipped out by the totally real wall of vibrating Marshall stacks. Oh wait…it’s a headless guitar.


Thank for that in-depth look at the equipment. I feel much better now that I know our top engineers have worked so diligently on several frames of animation.


Of all the styles to bite, Kerry King On Vacation In Jacksonville is not in my Top 10.


This is the last thing you see before blacking out after eating a Carolina Reaper pepper.


Gah! Stop thrusting your riffs at us!

I am seriously questioning NASA’s vetting process for astronauts.


This song is available on Chris Violence’s Bandcamp page.

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