Flush it Friday: Baldur’s Gate III HYPE


If there’s one game studio that I still believe in, it’s Larian; Baldur’s Gate III looks just siqq enough to make me throw caution to the wind and climb aboard the ever-treacherous hype train. I’ve been following development of BG3 for years now, and it’s finally coming out in less than a week—I haven’t been this excited for a game since Cyberpunk 2077! (Ope!) But let’s just forget about that, shall we? In the absence of a playable race of owls, owlbears, or anthropomorphic owl people, I’ll certainly be exploring Faerûn as some sort of magic-wielding Dragonkin. Are you going to be playing? Which race/class(es) are you considering for your first playthrough?

Reliquary Tower is keeping cool this summer with the latest blackened outing from Blackbraid:

Review: Blackbraid – Blackbraid II

Gage went digging for forbidden relics and emerged with this Fossilization premiere:

Track Premiere: Fossilization – “Oracle of Reversion”

Spear braved the hellstate of Florida to premiere the latest purulent platter from Blight House:

Premiere: Blight House – “Florida Man Hails Satan”

Professor Guanaco continued our Patagonian metal education with a deep dive on Awkan:

Introduction To Patagonian Heavy Metal Part 3

Sepulcrustacean went dungeon-delving in this Owlbear review:

Review: Owlbear – Chaos To The Realm

Got any exciting games on your radar? As hyped as me for BG3? Let me know below along with your G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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