EP Premiere: Terria – Horizons


Today in Prog Metal EPs you didn’t know you needed in your life…

Introducing: Terria, a progressive metal project conceived within the mind of Rahsaan Lacey while attending Berklee College of Music, much like a little band you may have heard of and that I kinda like called Dream Theater. The band’s endeavor started quite some time ago, but a myriad of setbacks ended up postponing any recorded music some four years and change. Whichever the case, we have arrived at a collection of five songs that are well worth any wait.

Horizons is, at first listen, an enticing blend of progs present and past. Imagine Animals as Leaders playing music in the vein of Dream Theater’s Images and Words; the result would be something close to Terria. It’s got the production, grit and downtuned chunk of modern progressive metal as well as the funky groove and soulful, jazz-laden melodies that made me fall in love with the classics of the genre. And you know, lots of time signatures, shredding and the realization I’ll never be this good at an instrument. Prog for the course.

After several repeat listens is when Horizons really shines, however. From the accelerated double-note riffing and Chaplin-speech infused “Terria” to the syncopated droney ending that is “Core”, layers upon layers of dreamy synths and stringy bass arrangements blossom to reveal the full sonic density of each composition.

To give you a bit more insight, in Rahsaan’s own words:

I chose a theme of nature and earthlike imagery because I feel that we are beginning to lose sight of the fact that we are constantly at its mercy.  No matter how much we advance our societies, we have this planet we live on and beyond to answer to.  The thematic progression is outward to inward, starting with things on an astral level, and ending at the very center of the earth.

If anything of what you’ve just read has piqued your interest, sit back, relax and enjoy the aural journey to cross your inner Horizons.

Horizons is out August 19th. Pre-order it through the band’s bandcamp and smash that facebook like button if you don’t want Zakk Wylde to show up in your nightmares and play a 10 hour pentatonic pinch harmonic guitar solo that drowns out your cries for help. Terria want be your mind-activating dream serum instead, all you have to do is let them.

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