Evil Scarecrow – Polterghost: A Video Breakdown



It might not feel like it right now, but Fall is just a few weeks away. Cooler weather, the fun sports, hoodies, pumpkin-flavored things that shouldn’t be pumpkin-flavored will all be back very soon. Some may mourn the loss of oppressive heat, unbearable humidity, bugs, and gross people wearing little clothing. Those people are wrong because the Summer doesn’t have Halloween. Give me the scary movies, eerie music, fun costumes, and candy. It’s the time of year when anything can be spooky, even benign things like scarecrows. What? You don’t think scarecrows can be scary? It’s in their name. Would it help if it was an Evil Scarecrow? Probably not, but it’s worth a watch.



This is what happens when you mainline Four Loco mixed with Pop Rocks.


Still better special effects than what you’d see in a movie from The Asylum.


Joke’s on you, Polterghost. That’s exactly her kink.


This clip can actually double as advertising for Chippendales.


So that’s what it’s like to be in a microwave.


Twitter in 2018.


Paranormal Activity 6: Scaring Up More Money


Appropriate reaction to finding a gimmick band practicing in your basement.


The side effects to seeing Evil Scarecrow are no worse than taking medication advertised during prime time television.


Oh, snap! You just got served, Polterghost!


Evil Scarecrow’s album Chapter IV: Antartarctica is out on September 28th.

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