Flush it Friday: Accursed Sidewalk Thrifting


Have you ever found an item on the sidewalk, destined for a landfill, and taken it into your home, regardless of feeling an abject darkness emanating from within? From a truly hexed cotton owl I salvaged from a deceased hoarder’s shed, to a tapestry that summons egregious nightmares, I’m no stranger to cursed curios. I found one such phantasmal phylactery on my daily walk earlier this week, and of course felt the need to bring it home with me:

I fully expect a swarm of insects to manifest from within this hideous relic in the next few days. If I disappear, I’ve either been devoured by ravening swarms or pulled into the black heart of the lamp.

Spear entered the splash zone with this Vomitheist album premiere:

Album Premiere: Vomitheist – Nekrofvneral

Hans got a tummy-ache from this Gutslit track premiere:

Track Premiere: Gutslit – “Matriarch”

Gage was left out in the cold by the latest from Immortal:

Review: Immortal – War Against All

Eenzaamheid returned to the grind with a review of the latest from Bandit:

Review: Bandit – Siege of Self

Got any inhabited objects in your home? Describe them below along with your G/B/Us! Just be careful not to invoke them. ~<3 Roldy

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