Toilet Radio plays WOULD YOU RATHER?


Do you want to play a game? It’s another scintillating episode of Toilet Radio as your boys Joe, 365, and Breno join together to play would you rather? with metal scenarios you submitted. We’re digging deep and choosing whether we would rather engage in a sexual scenario with Gene Simmons or David Draiman. We’re scratching our noodles and decided whether we’d rather listen to nothing but grind or doom for the rest of our lives. We’re making wise business decisions when we decide if we would rather intern for Donald Trump or Steve Bannon. All these mind-bending scenarios and more await you on this ‘sode. BONUS: we’re talking about our new friends in Origin and their reaction to 365’s Shirt Stains about their Rick and Morty t-shirt. It’s a good gross one!

Music featured on this program:
Slugdge – “Putrid Fairytale” from Esoteric Malocology (Facebook)(Pre-order)(Our podcast interview with the band)

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