Wake Up and Get Some SLEEP (For Free!)


By the time Dopesmoker finally received a proper release in 2003, Sleep had already been disbanded for about five years. Matt Pike moved on to bigger and heavier things with High on Fire, while Cisneros and Hakius apparently surpassed the human boundaries of intoxication and formed Om. Much to the dismay of Sleep fans a.k.a. stoned burnouts everywhere, it looked like we’d heard the last of them together. Well, guess what nerds? The somewhat-recently reunited band just released a single through Adult Swim’s weird little single’s series. It’s the first new song we’ve heard from Sleep in 18 years. So brush off all that Cheetoh-dust and get your lazy ass in here!

I know some of you jammed this track over the weekend, but this is a really good time to LISTEN TO IT AGAIN because RIFFS. Plus, I’d thought it would be nice to remind you that as of today, you can download it for free right over here.  Did anybody else remind you? That’s the kind of care you’ll only find within this world-class toilet-establishment. So don’t ever say Masterlord SteelDragon never does anything for the peasants.

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