Flush It Friday: Ca$h Rule$ Everything Around E


It’s Friday. Here at the TXXLXT XX HXLL that means one thing and one thing only – it’s Flush It Friday. In what has become a Toilet tradition and weekly mainstay, we come to vent our toxic anger at the sorry state of a depraved world and gather up some good vibes for our weekends of debauchery or dorking around on Dragon Age: Inquisition. I volunteered for this week’s Flush It Friday cause I have things to flush and things to discuss. In the tradition of me, I will talk about some things I have already discussed with the community ad naseum. That’s my style. Beating a horse to death and then just beating it and kicking that fucker over and over. Have you guys heard of Pyrrhon or Swallowing Bile?

BAD: I worked my last day at my second job last weekend (see also, GOOD). In what has become an ongoing drama of employment related stupidity, I stopped working my part time job while facing down real unemployment from my full time job in a month or two. The rumors are true, it’s only a matter of time. See, last year since April, I’ve worked two jobs. My schedule was twelve days on, two days off for two thirds of last year. That’s about one hundred hours every twelve days. I don’t like working that much. I had some professional goals in mind and made it close to the one year I set out to work at job number two. We like to talk about dark and twisty soul-crushing heavy metal, but let’s be real; that schedule had become dark, twisty, and soul-crushing. I made it as long as I could. So, the one job I still have that I am grossly overpaid for is about to go away, too. That’s an even longer and dumber story. I have never been on unemployment before. The whole concept is kind of scary. It’s also kind of exciting. I’m a borderline O.C.D. planning maniac, and I really don’t have a clue what is going to happen.

GOOD: Did you read the BAD? I don’t have to work a soul-crushing twelve days “on” rotation anymore. I hope I never have to again. I am, however, waiting to hear back on my acceptance into a graduate school program. Two more tough years, and if you were paying attention, I’m not exactly sure what I will be doing for money. I feel like having forty-five days off from work would do wonders for me, but that pipe dream won’t last forever. What else? I just got into a romantic relationship that I’m really excited about. I’m going to court in April to (attempt to) clean up some of the record of my… reckless youth. OH SHIT. I am also planning on traveling to New York City in the beginning of June to attend a two day noise and power electronics festival. I’m most stoked about seeing The Body (with special guests), Burial Hex, and Gnaw Their Tongues. I haven’t been to the Big Apple in about eight years. Hopefully I will catch a couple of you flushers out there!

UGLY: I’m thinking of shaving my beard off again. Paleface. 2 balas por cada blanco.

EDWARD’S PICKS OV THE WEEK: The past couple of weeks I have been playing Krieg’s Transient, the sole track from the Primitive Man EP I preordered (out Tuesday! NSFW cover), and Gnarls Barkley’s The Odd Couple extensively. Also of note is Death Karma’s The History of Death and Burial Rituals part 1, which dropped this week and should not be passed up. Call me a bandwagoner if you must, but fuck. Shit is sweet. The whole “less music, more often” thing is going swimmingly. You’re going to keep hearing about it. I also learned (or re-learned, rather) that Krieg has been a band for twenty years this year. Think about that for a moment – holy crap, right? I am playing a lot of other odds and ends, too. A variety of heavy metal, noise, plus I am revisiting a lot of older hip hop tracks: Definitive Jux to Biggie and Nas.

What do you guys have to vent, flush, and rage about? What do you have to celebrate?


Featured image courtesy of Orange Is The New Black. Corpse paint courtesy of Stockhausen.

Did you guys get the clue that everything I have written for the Toilet prior to this was during that utterly brutal work schedule?

Gravity doesn’t even apply to you.

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