Flush it Friday: Dad Rock is the Strongest Sense Tied to Memory


I remember very little from 1996—it’s mostly a shroud of smoke from a massive house fire that forced a move to my grandparents’ place in Norwood. Other than the trauma, I have my memories of the drive to my elementary school with my dad and sisters, and the tunes coming through the speakers of the family Camry. I had no idea at the time, but I was receiving a fine education in dad rock: Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and any other music that wears white New Balances and jeans so blue they scorch retinas.

My most crystalline memory from this young owl era is gazing out the window, daydreaming about girl owls for the first time while “My Best Friend’s Girl” played on the stereo.  Maybe it was the simplicity of the music, the gently overdriven guitars. It might’ve been the sheer amount of times I heard it. Whatever the cause, it’s lodged deep in the folds of my bird brain. Right next to Mark Knopfler.

ANYHOOT…let’s take a look at some good-good from this week:

Hans both bumped and ground:

Bump’n’Grind – Turn off that other noise for this noise

The Boiz discuss the very cool and not sus in any way record label Season of Mist:

Toilet Radio 274 – Loser Talk

Karhu, Link Leonhart and 365 sat down (virtually!) for this delightful interview with Aaron from My Dying Bride:

Interview With My Dying Bride

Do you have an earliest musical memory? Have I asked this before? Almost certainly. Do I care? Certainly not. G/B/U it up, fam.

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