Flush it Friday: Long Weekend Scaries


I’ve spent most of today doing new hire onboarding for a new job I’m starting on Monday; I want nothing more now than to erase all wrinkles from my brain through the power of mighty riffs. Thankfully, this year continues to shid out an embarrassment of riches for me to sandblast my cerebral cortex with. And would you look at that?! The good folks here at TovH have been so kind as to provide a syllabus to guide me through this ensmoothenment.

Joe TnK and 365 were trapped in Dante’s Inferno with Van Canto on this week’s Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 464 – Van Canto Ruins Everything

Aaron reviewed a normal band that makes normal mus- JK it’s Merzbow‘s Cafe OTO, idiot:

Review: Merzbow – Cafe OTO

Vastum? Bob Genghis Khan already knew ’em. But he likes the new rekkid:

Review: Vastum – Inward to Gethsemane

What’s making you nervous? What are you doing about it? How will you help me do something about my own nervousness? Tell me along with your G/B/Us! ~<3 Roldy

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