Insect Warfare suck at breaking up


Their failure is your gain because you get the opportunity to see the band rip it up live.

If you follow Insect Warfare on Facebook, the band’s description is simply, “defunct grindcore from Houston, TX.” That’s not entirely accurate! Last Summer I did some shoeleather reporting by driving to Houston for a last-minute Insect Warfare house show, a surprise reunion gig that was meant to serve as a warm-up before their last performance EVER at Obscene Extreme Fest in the Czech Republic.

Shortly after grinding those Czechs to dust, Insect Warfare reneged on their plans to call it quits with the surprise announcement that they will perform at Maryland Deathfest 2017 this May. For any fans of this legendary gulf coast grind band unable to make the trek to Baltimore, Insect Warfare recently announced one last (???) hometown Houston show and BUDDY, it’s a good one.

In addition to the aforementioned grind legends, you can look forward to seeing the recently reformed lineup of Excruciating Terror, the Mosh-approved Aussies Captain Cleanoff, and Houston royalty PLF. Opening the show is a super fucked up LA grind band called Vulva Essers. The show is in support of Holy Money‘s LP release, a noise rock band featuring Alex Hughes of Hatred Surge.

Make plans now to head down to Houston on May 18th to see the show. It may or may not be the last chance you get to see Insect Warfare. Possibly. Who knows?

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