Toilet Radio 334 – Ravenous (feat. Rolderathis)


This week we’re watching an edgyboi cannibal classic set in the Sierra Nevada mountains amid the Westward expansion of the United States, Ravenous! Three different directors, myriad production catastrophes, and a team of producers hell-bent on late-90s-ing the shit out of this movie could not hold it back. Join us as we watch Guy Pearce struggle with the morality of violence and cannibalism! Enjoy the delightful presence of Jeffrey Jones until we remember his whole deal! Listen to us argue about Christian themes vs Native American themes vs Manifest Destiny vs Robert Carlyle’s excellent facial hair! You cannot defeat the wendigo, you can only die. It’s a good one!

NEXT WEEK: We’re watching We Summon The Darkness (2019) with a very special RETURNING guest! Join us next time as the October Spooktacular continues.

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Arch Enemy – Ravenous from Wages of Sin

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