Flush It Friday: Wipe Yer Ass


Well go on…it ain’t gon’ wipe itself!

It’s finally Friday, and this week has pushed out some ridiculously solid releases. This week should have came emblazoned with a warning sticker reminding us to DRINK EXTRA FLUIDS. By Wednesday we’d already popped a collective haemorrhoid, the pulsating clumps of blood a reminder that our bodies were not prepared for the sheer physical demand of such hefty duty. Admittedly, we’d become complacent after several weeks of moderate flow into the hallowed Toilet. We should have seen it coming. Ill-equipped to deal with the Etna-esque eruption, we’d even neglected to re-stock the bog rolls to a safe level. Now, we’re stuck atop a mound of manure, feet unable to touch ground, with an unknown quantity of dunny paper within reach to provide salvation. How will we overcome the odds and make it through to the weekend unscathed? The Friday Wipe! The playlist containing all the stuff you need from this week’s Toilet ov Hell feature articles to make it through to beer o’ clock. Stab play below and remove the feculent stench of yet another whole week busy, only few money gotten.

Now that you’re set up with the  music, the floor is yours to FLUSH THIS FOUL BEAST OF A WEEK AWAY!

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