Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.54] All Outta Fucks to Give


Your favorite Tinnitus Tastemakers are back with their first release of the year and last recording of last year or something… I don’t even care anymore

Recorded the day after Christmas, a day I will forever ironically associate with abortion thanks to Ben Folds, the boiz (Roldy, Hans, and Eenzy) are tired from a long… 2 months of Riff Raffing and couldn’t find a fuck to give if it would save their lives.  Eenzy does the intro, which is somehow like letting the drummer sing only worse, and we break into some tracks from albums released in 2021 that didn’t quite make it into our top 10.  Some are fun heavy metal, some are heavy-as-fuck sludge, some are brain-ripping grindcore, and some are… in Dutch.  We fuck up transitions, laugh like fools for no good reason, talk about fellow writers IGOM and Theo behind their backs, and yeah, play a few tunes too.  I’d write more, but in the spirit of this episode, why bother?

New Music Features This Week

Hans’s picks
Heavy Sentence – On the Run
Vivid Illusion – The Sentinel

Eenzy’s picks
Takafumi Matsubara – Scarlet
Takafumi Matsubara – Heart Rate Shadow
Fluisteraars – Brand Woedt in Mijn Graf

Roldy’s picks
Sumeru – Foundry of Dread
Greywalker – Hour 13


Image: https://www.kevinathompson.com/just-dont-care-anymore/

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