Flush it Friday: The Beavitudes


I’m feelin’ hopeful lately, flushers. I don’t know what sparked it, but my parents finally had some hard honest conversations about themselves and each other. It’s been a long three decades of misunderstanding and resentment. There were never huge fights but there was daily bickering and a growing heap of unspoken acrimony. Pa Beavis has always had a lot of anger and irritability hiding vulnerability and low self-regard that none of us ever saw through to, but he’s been on a journey of self-improvement and antidepressants that came after a brutal bout of detox in the hospital. I can really see the changes in Dad and in their relationship. Sounds like some real Hollywood shit went down.

Little Beavis Jr. has been doing some introspection and mindfulness and an SNRI himself, and seems to be improving. I’ve always seen a lot of Dad in myself and have believed the hereditary Beavis family issues that go back who knows how many generations to be an inherent part of myself, a fundamental brokenness that would always mark me a true butt wagon. I know our problems will always be with us to a degree and I know our paths will be rocky but right now it looks like things really can get better.

Be good to each other and, no matter how unnatural it feels, to yourself.

Anyway, it’s been a good week at the Toilet. A Spooky Mansion delivered a belligerent ‘bum to really ring your ‘bellum with Defect Designer:

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Don’t become a prog pariah — peep Spear’s Parius premiere!

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Hans’s Blasted Heath scattered out psyches into space, like so many kernels of crushed candy:

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Two posts in one week? Hans is on that grindset:

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And finally, some delectable digestifs:

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Hang in there and flush those G/B/Us.

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