Flush It Friday: Record Label Runs


For last week’s Flush it Friday, Spear kept things easy breezy (beautiful Cover Girl). I loved it. Let’s do it again.

But! To avoid being too brief, I want to talk about record label runs. Specifically, I want to talk about 2021 record label release slates. The question I put to you, beloved Toileteers: what label has had the best run so far in 2021? You can answer in at least one of two ways: (1) an actual release run, which would mean releases that came back-to-back-to-back(-to-back-to-back…), or (2) a label’s cumulative 2021 output.

For me, I’m currently marveling at Sargent House‘s run from April 16 to August 27: The Armed to Storefront Church to Alexis Marshall to Lingua Ignota to Deafheaven to Torment & Glory. What! Six albums at that level all in a row in the span of four months? Get the fuck outta here. That’s outta control. I’m furious just thinking about it.

What label has you flabbergasted, flummoxed, astonished, dumbfounded, amazed, or simply agog at their 2021 output? Let’s hear ’em!

But but! This week’s highlights. Ink was spilled on the Toilet this week, and we’re all the better for it.

Megachiles listened to something like 200 dungeon synth albums and lived to tell the tale:

Megachile’s Grime Stone Records Rapid Release Round-Up

SuperHans wore the letters off his typewriter with a beautiful deep-dive into the new Windfaerer:

Thoughts on Windfaerer’s Breaths of Elder Dawns

Joaquin, Karhu, and Spear got the Itty Bitty Mini Committee back together:

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (9/23/21)

Content God Spear put in the work on the new Rivers of Nihil for Tech Death Thursday:

Tech Death Thursday: Rivers of Nihil – The Work

Spear then punched in for some overtime and reviewed an Album of the Year contender:

Review: Replicant – Malignant Reality

It’s 66 degrees and sunny here in Central Pa. I’m wearing a clean, new white crewneck with some rolled-up khakis and fresh sneakers. Hit me with those Geez, Beez, and Youz. Smooches to you all!

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