Flush it Friday: Pathfinder Is Nearly Too Complex for a Bird


You know what Pathfinder needs? More acronyms. That’s my initial thought after sinking ~30 hours into the campaign for Wrath of the Righteous (2021) on PC. I started as a clueless tabletop noob, and I’m still fumbling my way through walls of text and a mystifying myriad of arcane archaic rules and conditions. The greatest trick that Owlcat Games ever pulled was making none of that matter to my overall enjoyment, as I’m currently obsessed with my dhampir Beastkin Berserker, who gets so angy during battles that she turns into a giant wolf that can suck the blood of living (or dead) enemies for extra HP. The sheer variety of build possibilities is mind-boggling, sort of like how tite the following posts are!

Yours Trowly melted his Nordic Frost with this feverish premiere:

Track Premiere: Nordic Frost – “A Most Lucid Fever Dream”

Full-crew Tha Boiz talked Pantera, plagiarism, and Pool (Tim) on Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 416 – Banned from Tinder

IGoM extended our pleasure with these miniscule morsels (also it’s BC Friday ya dingus, go support some bands):

Bandcamp Friday x Extended Pleasure: The Collaboration Part Deux

BC Hauls in your G/B/U dumps. I want to see! ~<3 Roldy

P.S. Any of you nerds play Pathfinder on tabletop or PC? What kinds of classes have you played? Also explain “metamagic” to me.

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