Review: AllfatherA Violent Truth


Riffs pummel my body like bricks through bank windows, splintering and crunching my bones with a deep satisfaction. Waves of distortion buoy my worried thoughts like the ocean carrying migrants and refugees into the waiting hands of acting community. Drums crack like hefty thunder, drowning the hollow voices of Parliament from ever reaching my soiled ears. Boisterous shouts nourish my innards with the hearty succulence of embroiling farce.

I am become slab, riffer of worlds.

All oppression is a form of violence, turn it back to keep them silenced . Murderous fucks demanding dignity when it suits them, spitting in the face of humanity.

As tyrants rise we tear them down, we’ll leave them swinging With a Carrion Crown.

When it’s eye for an eye then we’ll take two, when the world goes blind it’s on them, not you.

Take their fucking eyes, do what you need to survive.

A Violent Truth is an expert and honest distillation of what it means to be alive in the never-ending existential tectonic collision of 2023, the convergent seam of generational plate momentum, the lithosphere of our future subverted and destroyed in the subduction zone of the 21st century.

While no riff nor breakdown is heavy enough, no bass or vocal biting enough, no snare drum nor windmill kick unhinged enough to avert the converging catastrophe of extractive fascism, or even nudge our collective trajectory back towards something resembling a non-disaster, the heartful heaviness of Allfather does provide a shining beacon of shared experience and compass of community resistance that we will need in order to dare to thrive in an increasingly crumbling world.

Allfather’s trusty yet unscrupulous trickster brethren, Loki, about to do a mischief

In a world of waste and austerity, gluttony and greed, be the riff you want to see.

A Violent Truth releases on Bandcamp on 31 March 2023.

4/5 Flaming Toilets ov Hell


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