Premiere: Nekrasov – “The Lust Of Consciousness”


‘Cause of a lust for life
‘Cause of a lust for life
I got a lust for life

Are you feeling okay? Things hovering around normal? A nice, calm safeness washing over you? Good. Maybe you’re swaddled up in your favorite blanket, sitting on the couch sipping on a nice hot cocoa.  Perhaps you have a lovely meal warming up right now. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ahhh. Nice, right? Australia’s Nekrasov is here to slap you right across the face with a dose of harsh reality and even harsher noise.

Smartened-up metal fans may known Nekrasov as the ugly alternate ego of Rebel Wizard. Less metal, but somehow even more negative, Nekrasov fits in with disgusting noise makers like Gnaw Their Tongues, Gridfailure, Brighter Death Now, and Gnawed. The music is somewhere between Power Electronics, Black Ambient, and Drone. You think some dorks in a far-off country yelping about the devil over shitty tremolo riffs is extreme? Heh. This is extreme.

Today, we’re happy (in a depressed sort of way) to premiere the self-titled track from Nekrasov’s new album “The Lust Of Consciousness”. The song begins with chants, the sound of water splashing, and ambient hums, creating a false sense of security. When you are at a level on contentment, you are shaken from your waking slumber with vomitous vocals and a wall of sound so massive that it threatens to block out the sun. The dizzying heights give way to an unholy and unsettling marriage of more chants and reversed speech. The song is a monstrous and malignant mass of morbidity and misanthropic malevolence. Enjoy!


The Lust Of Consciousness  will be released on April 12th, 2019 via Prosthetic Records.

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