Fraught With Peril: A Doom Split for the Ages


A split between two of the most exciting doom acts of the last two years? Count me in!

Perhaps the best feeling ever is making a wild speculation that ends up becoming true. I’m sure no one remembers, but WAYYYYY back in November, I said:

Hear me out on this total piece of speculation. Khemmis announced that they booked studio time in February. Now, at almost the same time, VERY SUSPICIOUSLY, Spirit Adrift announced a sale that would help fund “our side of a very exciting release that’s shaping up for next year.” BUSTED BY JOAQUIN! A split between these two would blow my nuts off. I can’t wait to say told you so.

Well, here I am, telling you I told you so. This split is not even close to what I was expecting, however. With just one track from each band, the Bandcamp page explains:

Doomed rock ‘n’ rollers Khemmis and psychedelic desert riffers Spirit Adrift have joined forces for a tribute to Southern folk music in the form of a split 7” entitled Fraught with Peril. Khemmis has transformed “A Conversation with Death,” an early 20th century Appalachian dirge, into a sludgy, sorrowful contemplation of mortality; meanwhile, Spirit Adrift’s interpretation of the classic “Man of Constant Sorrow” boasts soaring harmonies and Neil Young-inspired guitar leads.

Khemmis also mentioned that they recorded two tracks during that studio visit, but unfortunately I am not yet able to make a guess as to what that other single might be. I’ll let someone else take the glory this time.

Though I’m not sure how I feel about Southern folk as a theme, these bands so far have done no wrong in my eyes. Having to wait until June 16 may kill me.

Oh, and they also totally gave me credit for the guess.

Preorder Here.

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