Full Album Stream: ToweringObscuring Manifestation


Menacing. Imposing. Towering.

Can’t say you didn’t get a fair warning. You knew this was coming for over a month. I mean, sure, courtesy of the nice folks over at Dolorem Records, we’re now giving it to you a whole week early, but let’s face it, if you didn’t get your affairs in order by now, you weren’t going to anyway. Might as well fall to your knees now and succumb to Towering‘s debut, Obscuring Manifestation.

Things start off innocuously enough as the intro has you gently wade through a sea of lost souls lamenting their wretched existence in the hellscape depicted on the cover artwork. However, once you enter the tower overseeing this demented scenery, “The Poison of Man” kicks things into high gear, and you know you’re well and truly lost. This album murders. The mercilessly churning tremolo riffs are accompanied by extremely punchy blast beats and bursts of double bass, threatening to wear down even the most resilient of explorers. Yet there’s beauty in the madness, too. Every so often, the lead guitar will soar up from the mire and launch into a solo or melodic riff, and frequent tempo changes give the drummer ample opportunity to add great drum fills and other neat flourishes to his brutal onslaught. You gasp for air only to feel your throat constrict again the next minute, and after a good 40 minutes, you’re cast back out in shackles, forced to wander among the other derelict shells, eternally bound to the tower.

Obscuring Manifestation will be out next Friday, May 31st, via Dolorem Records.

Snag your copy and submit your will.

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