Premiere: Towering – ‘Monuments To Our End’


A monumental track to end your week.

It’s an open secret that along with our species, the greatest creations of our past, present and future will dissipate with time. The Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, Colin Marston’s Menegroth studio—all were built knowing they could never escape the scourge. Join me then, and celebrate these “Monuments To Our End” with an exclusive streaming track from France’s Towering.

The crumbling tower (of Babel?) depicted in the album art is a fitting image for the band’s chaotic sound; death-thrash riffs shift like tectonic plates, constantly reforming the boundaries of the song. What starts as a straightforward thrashing quickly transforms into a maelstrom of melodies, propelled by Mortem’s agile drumming. Whether punishing his kick pedals or start-stop blasting, he adds a frantic energy that channels the forces of nature.

The structure of the song itself evokes the path of a natural disaster—an escalation of violence as disparate elements collide. Death metal tremolos shake the earth while layers of guitars pile up, heightening the song’s emotional impact. From short, repetitive bursts of grind to majestic blackened death metal, Towering cover an overwhelming amount of ground in six minutes, but they never get lost in the intricacies of their sound. When the dust clears in the second half, listeners are given a chance to reflect on the rubble left behind as the tempo slows to a crawl. Yes, it’s true—all of our wonders will fall into ruin, but Towering make the inevitable collapse seem almost inviting with their brand of catastrophic music.

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