Hot Dad Is On Fire: New Tunes From Our Savior Erik Helwig


There’s something missing in your life. You don’t know what it is, but you feel the pangs of its absence every passing second. Fill your hole with Hot Dad (fuck).

He goes by many different names: Erik, Erik Helwig, Erik H., Mr. Helwig, Helwig, E., dotflistHot Dad, Alpha & Omega, Eric (when spelled wrong), etc., and he’s well on his way to making all other music completely irrelevant. Deal with it, metalheads.

The whole world wept and then shit its pants in sorrow when he revealed that he’d be wrapping up his exorbitantly ambitious rewritten TV themes. It left many empty and alone; grasping in pitch darkness for reasons to wake up every morning, each jet of cold air through the fingers salt in a mortal wound, hands clasping shut on nothing. Fucking nothing, man.

That said, I’m here to tell you that you can untie that noose and push the dining table chair back to where it belongs, because while our beloved TV Themes might be a thing of the past, Hot Dad shows no signs of slowing down. The latest addition to his delightfully perplexing catalog is entitled PPL. They are songs about people. He’s three songs in to this endeavor right now, and because trying to explain the appeal of Erik Helwig’s work is something I’ve never been able to translate to text, I’m just going to say that, as usual, they’re outstanding.


1. Mac DeMarco

I don’t know who Mac DeMarco is, but I’ve never heard his name come from the mouth of a person I didn’t want to punch in the face a million times. Until now.



2. Tyler, The Creator

“He said a few mean things
But we forgive him because he sings
Songs of praise to our Holy Lord”



3. The Killers

“Brandon Flowers is so talented
Brandon Flowers is so talented
Brandon Flowers is so talented
Brandon Flowers is so talented”


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