I Sense Darkness in Your Future, Pt. II: Khthoniik Cerviiks


I sense more darkness in your future…

…and it lurks just ahead in the vile form of a band I’ve never heard of/can’t properly spell: Khthoniik Cerviiks. They’re a nasty black/death metal trio with an unhinged style of voracity that makes them seem right at home on Iron Bonehead with bands like Bölzer as their label-mates. Right now, Cvltnation is streaming “The Grand Sidereal Swindle” from the forth-coming demo tape debut, Heptaedrone. You’ll have to click on that link because embedding Soundcloud is a very mysterious artform which I have not yet mastered.

For all the illiterate plebeians who don't know what a shoggoth is.

For all the illiterate plebeians who don’t know what a shoggoth is.

“The Grand Sidereal Swindle” is a slimy, slithering shoggoth of a track, snaking back and forth between swarming discord and a more calculated ugliness. At 0:35, a grisly bark introduces you to Khthoniik Cerviiks‘ morbid imitation of harmony: twin-tremolos that fling you headfirst into a downward spiral of absolutely hateful atmosphere.

The music is in perpetual mutation throughout, constantly and abruptly shifting from passage to passage with disorienting brevity. It’s an unrelenting salvo of frantic, blackened riffs and whirlwind percussion, and every left turn it takes will break another one of your fragile human vertebrae.

Heptaedrone is set for release on August 15. Don’t miss this. It sounds like it’s going to be killer. Here’s the tracklisting if you want it. All it tells me is that these dudes fucking hate suffiikses.

1. KhtonHeptaedroneiik Cerviiks Exhalement

2. The Grand Sidereal Swindle

3. Colliding Spheres Bend Solar Years

4. Elektriik Redeemer

5. Magmatiik Moil

6. Black Hole Neurotransmission

7. Moraines Of Molten Light (Khtoniik Cerviiks Inhalement)

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