Meme ov the Month


Did you read the headline? I don’t know what else I need to say here…

Are you an aspiring meme-lord? Now is your time to shine. Some of you may remember during the site’s infancy our resident robit Cybernetic Organism held a weekly photo-chop competition. For those of you who weren’t around waaaay back when this now overflowing shit receptacle was merely a congealing pool of primordial porcelain ooze with an odious sense of ambition (or for those who just can’t be fucked clicking links), the contest entailed Cybro uploading an image of some description which was to be used as a template for readers to edit. This helped amuse our tiny minds and pass the dwindling time that remains before our eventual death, filling it with sweet lols and snide chortles.

So we’re bringing that back, kinda, but with memes. Each month we’ll pick a popular/current/expired template and have you monsters go to town on it. If we get some good ones we might even chuck them up on the Toilet ov Hell Facebook Page, where you will be immortalised in infamy. Now, as memes these days have a half-life of exactly 16 hours before they decay into ubiquitous misappropriations of internet culture, this makes choosing the most suitable template for our purposes quite a difficult task. Each generation seems to present an ever-decreasing window of opportunity for safe use before being subsequently tossed into the trough of festering electrons, where people such as your distant cousin Jaime regularly dunk their heads to obliviously guzzle the fetid memains without even the faintest semblance of irony. You see, the death of a meme is an undignified affair, there is no ceremony, and almost certainly, no return from the grave.

However, sometimes a courageous hero comes along and attempts to restore a once great format in a selfless act of admirable valour. Often, they fall on their sword, dying as unceremonious a death as the memes they seek to resurrect. Very rarely though, they do manage to succeed, forging the hallowed Lazarus meme. Recently, TovH’s very own Son ov Wolf was casually dabbling with an archaic format, mostly to satisfy his own alchemical experimentation in the arcane. But the meme’s true re-appropriation value was not fully realised until a young memeprentice, in the form of long-time bowl-dweller Mother Shabubu, captured the moment in a perpetual black second and turned lead into gold.








While February saw the rise of the woke brain expansion meme variants, which eventually ended up subsuming the majority of March before devolving entirely into either nonsensical gibberish or generic whimsy. During April a quintessential all-rounder reemerged from the fray, and (according to Know Your Meme) reached its peak during May. The crowd-favourite Who Would Win? template, while not especially elegant, offers an extremely versatile foundation for all kinds of degeneracy. As I’m sure you’re all already overly familiar with the format (if not check some examples on this crude google search) I’ll just drop the empty template below for you to get stuck into. Post your best attempts in the comments below. They don’t have to be metal related but I’m tipping that would increase your chances of success with our community. Also, try and avoid NSFW shit so we can use them for sharing on the main page. Let’s see what you come up with!


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