Toilet Radio 364 – Fake Bands with Killer Jams


This week on Toilet Radio we’re discussing alcohol withdrawal, rat infestations, and furries. And then at the 10-minute mark we start this week’s show: FAKE BANDS. We’re talking about some of our favorite (and least favorite) bands created explicitly for the purposes of a fictional narrative. Enjoy this non-exhaustive list of bands on this week’s show and then stab that play button.

The Oneders (That Thing You Do!), Scäb (Home Movies), Spinal Tap, Otis Day & The Knights (Animal House), Steel Dragon (Rock Star), The Lone Rangers (Airheads), The Aint Rights (Green Room), Josie & The Pussycats, The Misfits (Jem & The Holograms), Thoth (Something Awful), Deathgasm, The Power of Wings (Key & Peele), Black Roses, The Soggy Bottom Boys (O Brother Where Art Thou), The Queen Haters (SCTV), The Rutles, The Monkees, Death Lurks (Kids in the Hall), Mouse Rat (Parks & Recreation), Darlene McBride (MadTV), and Drake (Degrassi).

Due to this episode, it is with great regret I announce that we will be watching Lords of Metal on Netflix for an episode soon.

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