Flush it Friday: Sports Be Back Edition


In case you missed it, the header image is from a genuinely heinous cash grab attempt from U.D.O on a song that came out last month called “Touchdown.”  Really funny stuff.

I know Roldy and others usually use these things to drop some hot knowledge, but I’m a big dummy who wants to watch some dang sperts. We’re now one (very rusty-looking) game into the NFL season, and the MLB season is heating up with a crazy wild card race in both divisions. My Cubs are still hanging onto a spot, and I’ve already spent a stupid amount on post-season tickets that probably won’t happen (obviously refunded if not). I need the Brewers or Phillies to start losing so I’ll at least have 2 games to watch/sell. The NFC North should be a very interesting watch as well, with all four teams having a surprisingly similar chance to win the division. September is going to be a crazy month.

What are you all paying attention to in the world of sports? A pickleball championship or something?

Oh right, this is a metal blog…uhhh…Rannoch is good.

We had a very quiet, short week with the holiday, but don’t miss out on Jake’s Cannibal Corpse review:

Review: Cannibal Corpse – Chaos Horrific

And Joe and 365 had a good time trying to figure out what some old guys think cancel culture is:

Toilet Radio 453 – Let’s Go, Branding

G/B/Us below!

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