Premiere: Nott – “Stasis”


You will Nott regret checking this out.

Hiraeth is difficult to describe in simple genre terms. It can shift enigmatically from an angular Ulcerate riff to a plodding doom pace to an almost deathcore-ish growl and breakdown. At some point after the more straightforward brutal death in 2018’s The Wretched Sounds, the duo added more weapons to their arsenal.

Today’s premiere, “Stasis” is a short and very explosive track. It highlights their skill of using pauses to enhance the pummeling and intense vocals. The drums are a ton of fun to focus on; they have a cyclic rhythm where the double bass kicks in after a certain count of a slow doom beat, making it feel like it’s holding its breath and needs to let loose expired oxygen. The guitar work is subtly interesting beneath the super-low breakdowns with little dissonant squeals. I highly recommend contrasting this track with the longer and even more varied first single, “Torn.” It’s going to be a very interesting album, I can guarantee that.

Here’s what Nott’s Tyler Campbell had to say about the track:

“‘Stasis’ is the second chapter of ‘Hiraeth,’ and details the unwilling immersion into a terrifying, endless chasm. It’s one of the shorter tracks on the album, yet compared to others it tears through many tempo, meter, and key changes. This helps to imbalance the listener, to help simulate that free-fall into the abyss.”

Hiraeth is out on August 18 on Silent Pendulum (who have been killing it this year with Zon, Koningsor, and Seek to name a few favorites). Check it out on Bandcamp and vinyl preorders at Silent Pendulum.

Photo credit: Cole Paramore

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