New Jamzz and Open Swim, Y’all!


Well, flushers, it’s been one heck of a day. We’ve had our ups and downs. Several of us have even been trapped on an emotional rollercoaster. But let’s all finish this week out like good chums like the Scottish and British. Here’s some new music we may have missed. Let’s hug it out/swordfight/slug wrassle/what have you and rejoice over this tunage.



Deciblog just premiered a track from these black metal mavens. This is just a hint at the dark glory to come on their first album in 10 years. The artwork is siqqnasty! There is some serious tremolo riffing and blasting going on here, lacerating you like some merciless skinwalker. Jam it here.


Today Is the Day

Steve Austin’s lifeloving band of optimists is releasing their tenth (!) full-length this fall via Southern Lord. “Masada” is the advanced track from Animal Mother, and this song leans heavily into the sludge/crust domain with a neat noisy riff outro, although it’s difficult to say what curveballs Austin may have in store for us on the full album. Check out the video below.



We totally missed this announcement from a couple months ago, but I’ve been jamming it lately, so you’re going to hear it now. Primus recently announced their newest full length album, Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, due out October 21st. This isn’t metal by any means, but I’m a big fan of Les Claypool and co., and I’m sure many of y’all are too. This album is a reimagining of the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack, and Primus are fleshing their sound out with an enhanced rhythm section. Bob your head to “Pure Imagination” below.


Open Swim

That’s it for Friday, y’all. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Discuss your plans, share recipes, tell me why I suck, whatever in the comments below.

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